What is Research?

Research is a way of learning about the world.  It involves systematic techniques used to create knowledge.  When learning about human dimensions of organizations, research helps us to understand reasons behind behavior, how culture influences what people do and how they make decisions, and gives us tools to manage organizations and plan for the future.

Research can be used to test the validity of procedures and ideas or determine whether or not a particular way of doing things makes sense.

Approaches to research depend on epistemologies or theories about how knowledge is created.  Different academic disciplines often approach research in different ways, but research always should be systematic, logical, and verifiable.   Research can be divided into three basic approaches:



Mixed Methods

As you move through this website, and the HDO320 class, you will learn about various forms of research, develop skills in conducting research, and become competent in critically interpreting the research of others.

How to Use This Site

MMEO is designed to help students and others develop good techniques for conducting research related to human dimensions of organizations.  It is a complement to the HDO320 course in Multidisciplinary Methods for Exploring Organizations, which is part of the Human Dimensions of Organizations undergraduate major at the University of Texas at Austin.

The information on this website is intended for use not only by students in HDO, but by anyone interested in learning more about research methods applied to organizations.

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What is HDO?

Human Dimensions of Organizations (HDO) is a program in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas, Austin.  The program consists of an executive MA program, a BA program, and professional training seminars.

HDO is intended for students and professionals who envision themselves solving human-centered problems in organizations including business, government, nonprofits, and the military. Career paths from HDO include human resources, people management, nonprofit leadership, and government service.

The HDO320 provides a broad-based exploration of research methods used in various fields within the liberal arts as applied to organizations. It allows students to (1) understand research ethics; (2) understand the relationship between culture and behavior in organizations; (3)  measure and analyze behavior; (4) consider how key lessons from the humanities and the social/behavioral sciences can be applied in organizational settings.

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